Straming Tank

Creating live video streaming events on social media platforms can hugely maximise audiences and interaction of events – when large numbers of people are sharing the same experience and have the ability to comment and interact it’s a far more sociable and enjoyable experience, and the tendency of users is to watch for longer.

Streaming Tank has more advanced and diverse social media streaming solutions when compared to other webcasting agencies  – making us exclusive in the industry for B2C video campaigns. No other webcasting company can combine broadcast-level production services, streaming delivery and premium encoding, with an in depth understanding of leading social platforms.


With more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month no platform compares to YouTube in terms of reach. Having worked with YouTube on a number of live streaming projects over the years we have been able to provide clients with the necessary relationship to broadcast to YouTube’s global audience.

Streaming Tank have broadcast everything from film premieres, concerts and gaming events through to product launches, charity events and corporate announcements. And you can do more with the platform than simply push a feed to a channel. Our projects have also delivered:-

  • up to 20 concurrent streams across different YouTube  language channels
  • interactive streams using YouTube’s multi-angle player
  • broadcasts live into YouTube Mastheads, and homepage takeovers
  • 360 degree live and on demand streaming


Facebook Live streaming arrived with a BANG.

Arguably the most personal social media platform – with user profiles openly reflecting life, and the ‘like’, ‘share’, and emoticon buttons –  broadcasts into Facebook profiles garner huge views and exciting streams travel fast through user groups.

Streaming Tank engineers are in constant contact with the platform, ensuring we are aware of latest releases and developments and know how to correctly configure, tag and publish feeds to get you the most engagement for your events.

We’ve been Facebook Live for gigs, brand stunts, political debates, major film premieres, and consumer events. Read more about past streams featuring Tinie Tempa for McDonald’s or Tom Cruise on the red carpet at the Jack Reacher premiere.

twitter live social streaming


As the first non-US agency to live stream into the platform we have been broadcasting to Twitter since 2012. It’s broad reach and conversational nature makes it the perfect destination for organisations and brands looking to maximise audience or consumer engagement.

Over the years we have used Twitter streaming to launch pop singles, promote brand flash sales, target new audiences and introduce new brand campaigns. And using our in-house video platform we can insert clickable slates to the stream in order to direct your audience where you want them to go.

Check out the Blur example here



You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Periscope throughout 2016, but just in case you’ve been too busy snap chatting, Periscope is a live streaming video app that Twitter launched in March 2015. It’s primary function has been as a consumer tool for sharing experiences via live video streaming, but brands quickly looked to leverage it to gain access to followers and create a direct and more personal relationship.

The app is ideal for behind-the-scenes access at live events, Q&As with celebrities and sharing press interviews but content distribution was initially restricted to filming with the phone camera – limiting the quality of the content that was being broadcast. However a new feature will be available to brands which will allow them to plug in other sources, meaning multi camera shoots and pre-recorded content can now be delivered. Streaming Tank wee lucky enough to work on the first brand campaign to take advantage of this, creating buzz around the new series of The Walking Dead. Read more about it here.