Live and on Demand Streaming

Streaming Tank have been at the forefront of the live video streaming industry for over a decade. Our broadcast-quality encoding workflow can deliver livestreams at HD quality across all major devices and platforms. And our London Mission Control Room is set-up to encode to all major formats and deliver video content to a wider range of devices and destinations than any other. Choose from our suite of encoding, CDN and delivery services to get your perfect package..

Global Content Delivery

All video live and on demand content that we produce is stored and delivered on the Akamai HD CDN. Akamai is the most pervasive, highly distributed content delivery network with more than 200,000 servers situated in more than 110 countries around the world.

We also have partnerships in place for delivering to within China.

Broadcast Quality Encoding

At streaming tank we believe in using the best of breed tools, all live and on demand video content that we produce is transcoded using AWS Elemental; the same technology used by global broadcasters for services including Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer.

AWS Cloud transcoding allows us to deliver the highest quality content at multiple bit rates and codecs allowing us to deliver your content at the highest quality with at the lowest possible bitrate by utilizing the latest technologies including VP9 and HEVC at resolutions up to 4k UHD.

Live Video Syndication

The Streaming Tank live syndication and transcoding platform has been integrated with a wide range of online video platforms social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter's Periscope and Instagram.

Our live syndication platform has been specifically developed and tested to ensure the highest quality stable stream is delivered to each social platform, we are able to syndicate a single event across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Cutting Edge HTML5 Players

While at Streaming Tank we remain platform agnostic our Mission player is built around BitMovin's cutting edge player, the HTML5 based player supports the broadest range of devices including, Smart TVs, desktop computers and mobile devices.

Featuring integrated support the latest streaming protocols including HLS and MPEG DASH and able to support the latest codecs VP9 and HEVC which reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 50% meaning even users on lower connection speeds are able to enjoy streaming in full HD.

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