Corporate Webcasting

Concept creation, project management, online design, event production, encoding, hosting, statistics and audience analysis – we’re experts in managing them all, leaving you free to focus on your audience and your messages.

Streaming Tank are the trusted by global organisations such as Aviva, ITV, Christie’s and Bristol-Myers-Squibb to deliver their communications to employees and external stakeholders time and again.

Live streaming is perfect for getting a message to people all over the globe, but increasingly our clients are wanting content contributions from dispersed locations as well. All Hands meetings or launch events for important initiatives often require an organisation to hold simultaneous events in different locations. We have a range of solutions and partners including Cisco Teleconferencing, Satellite / DVB services and portable connectivity units that can allow your event participants to see, speak and interact with each other.

Streaming Tank can help you film and broadcast from the hub to the remote locations, or even allow video interaction between all events. We can send production teams alongside satellite trucks or video conferencing units to truly connect your employees.

Branded, Secure Multimedia Webcasts

  • Maintain your corporate brand identity with our bespoke players and microsites.
  • Use registration forms to gather audience data and implement security features to protect your broadcasts.
  • Assess ROI with detailed reports allowing you to track numbers, locations and viewing times.

Increase engagement with interactive features

Give your audience a true ‘virtual’ experience with:

  • Integrated powerpoint
  • Speaker information
  • Downloadable documents and resources
  • Q&A
  • Live polling

Drill further down to assess user behaviour including questions and comments, then use this to ensure you can continue the conversation after the event

HD Quality

We use a full HD broadcast system and hardware (not software) encoding solutions. This means complete redundancy at all points of the delivery, and the highest quality video experience for devices ranging from mobiles up to cinema screens.

Delivery on a global CDN means you never have to worry about too many people watching.

Hire a studio… or we’ll bring it to you

We can offer you full studio set-up at venues like -the London Stock Exchange or ITV Studios. Or we can ‘bring the studio’ to your hired venue, HQ, office or boardroom – internet included.

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