Straming Tank

Advancements in bandwidth speeds, streaming technologies and viewing devices ensure viewing experiences can be as good as on TV. This means that valuable content can now be directly monetised, and Streaming Tank can help you do this. Web viewers are increasingly accepting of the need to pay for premium and exclusive content, and we have successfully delivered content monetisation for events across sport, music, gaming and education. Streaming Tank’s workflow is integrated with leading monetisation platform, InPlayer, for a seamless user experience.  Benefit from key support features including:

24/7 multilingual support
From answering simple questions all the way to handling your entire live event monetisation, we’re here to help you!

No-hassle security & compliance
No sensitive data will ever hit your servers, saving you from massive security headaches. InPlayer is certified to PCI Service Provider.

Global currency support
You can start selling anywhere in the world in multiple currencies. The paywall accepts all major payment methods and card types, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPal, and BitCoin.

Customisable to your brand
Deliver a branded user experience to ensure loyalty & retention across your consumer base.

Works on any device
Over 50% of global internet users access the internet via mobile. Our paywall adjusts and looks great on any screen size or device.

Read more about some of the available monetisation features below.


Streaming Paywall PPV and Subscription

Pay Per View and Subscription streaming

The paywall platform offers you a flexible variety of payment options. As well as single, event-based payments (for live or on demand streaming), you can also use it to create an ongoing subscription business. This allows you to convert a user once but keep making money month after month.


Streaming Paywall Donations and Data Capture

Live Donations and Free Access

Even if you don’t require a compulsory payment, you can ask viewers for an optional donation or ask only for user data elements in order to unlock content.

The inbuilt Data Capture tool allows a publisher to collect crucial data from their users, including names, email addresses and location. We are integrated with all major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to make donations a one-click experience.

Streaming Paywall Content Discounts

Exclusive Content and Discount Codes

Do you want to draw viewers in by offering special discounts or access to exclusive content such as ‘behind the scenes’ streams? If so, use the admin portal to quickly implement these rewards and help you convert more viewers to purchase.