The Economist

The Economist conferences are varied. These range from debates, lectures and forums through to major conferences and seminars. They seek speakers who will inform and inspire; sponsors eager to progress new thinking and an audience keen to discuss, debate and learn.

Streaming Tank helped The Economist conferences team film, edit and vision mix 4 of its big conferences so delegates could watch on big screens on the day of their event and on their computers on-demand post event. These events included The UK Energy Summit, The Talent Management Summit, The Bellwether Europe Summit and The Innovation Lecture series with Charles Leadbeater.

Streaming Tank’s brief for all the events was to look after the video production side of things and control the feed being broadcasted on to the big screens. At the Bellwether Europe Summit Streaming Tank managed to vision mix several different feeds including PowerPoint, 3 cameras, VT and live Cisco links with New York and Washington.

Streaming Tank worked with The Economist to ensure the best camera angles for both the final edit and the audience on the day. Streaming Tank positioned 2 cameras at the back of the room, one locked off for the wide shot and the other manned. The cameras we used were Sony DSR570’s and these gave a fantastic tight shot on each speaker.

Streaming Tank managed to give the majority of the first edits on the day for review through use of live ingest facilities that allow us to edit on the fly. As soon as the conference started and the chairman welcomed people, Streaming Tank were editing all the stings backstage.

It was a successful production and the client was very happy with both the final on-demand edit and the content being shown on the big screens on the day. The vision mixing and director mixed up 3 camera angles from around the room to ensure it was an interesting mixture of shots.

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