Love Project

To demonstrate how Starbucks could use its size for global good, BBDO New York created a campaign that partnered Starbucks with its customers to raise awareness and donations for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa – the Starbucks Love Project. The brief, to organise and coordinate the technological infrastructure and processes required to enable the simultaneous broadcast of 196 countries singing the Beatles hit ‘All you need is love’, live and online.

Streaming Tank worked closely with Gorgeous Productions, who sourced local production crews in each country. We then contacted the production company representatives from each participating country individually, briefing them on the project. Each representative was asked to provide an internet enabled computer with a video camera or webcam connected to it. Remote access software was then manually installed on each computer, allowing the Streaming Tank technicians to remotely connect to each country’s computer from our base in London.

In the weeks running up to the live broadcast, Streaming Tank accessed each country’s computer to run internet and hardware checks, installing encoding and video upload software, and running live streaming tests prior to the event.

Our next challenge was to find a suitable method of displaying what potentially could have been 196 live internet broadcasts. Firstly, a venue had to be found that had the bandwidth capabilities to view 196 live video streams, at varying bit rate qualities. Matter nightclub at the O2 (an old haunt for Streaming Tank), was chosen as an ideal venue because of the internet connection it had available. Each country was then assigned its own grid position within multiple webpages projected onto screens at the venue.

Whilst the world united in a single voice, Streaming Tank filmed and live streamed the event unfolding, with the live content of the event happening being streamed into the Starbucks ‘Love Project’ website.

At precisely 1.30pm on the day of the live stream (GMT), 156 countries were simultaneously united in one voice, to sing the Beatles hit ‘All You Need Is Love’, live and online.

The event was put together as part of Starbucks’ ongoing relationship with Project (RED) ™, contributing to the Global Fund to help people living with HIV in Africa. As well as raise awareness, the Love Project helped generate enough money to buy more than seven million days of medicine for people living with HIV in Africa. The event set a new Guinness World Records™ record for “Most Nations in an Online Sing‐a‐long.” The music video topped the Top 20 Viral Videos and has had more than 1.9 million YouTube views. The average time spent on the site on December 7th was 5 minutes, 49 seconds. Total website visits were over 1 million unique hits. More than 19,000 “Love” drawings have been submitted so far, and people from 99 countries have submitted videos. 43,332 people posted it on their walls on Facebook. 3,008 people sent Tweets about it and 652 people wrote about it on their blogs.

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