Social Streaming Campaign for The Walking Dead’s return


Fan of The Walking Dead? Then you’d been desperately been waiting for the launch of Season 7 to find out what happened to the characters left at the mercy of Negan.

Luckily, Streaming Tank were involved in world-first social streaming which allowed you to try and influence their fate!

Award-winning agency, WCRS, worked with NOW TV to engage fans ahead of the show’s return by running 10 day live poll via social media. Viewers were asked vote for whom they most wanted to save, and they responded using the #Save___NOW hashtag. An application then pulled together the responses and data from the online conversations this generated to display public opinion.  This took the form of a dynamic animated visualisation which was ‘screencast’ from the Streaming Tank MCR as a live video feed into Facebook and Periscope. Fans were rewarded by personalised thank yous from their chosen character as well as being entered into a draw to win goodies.

You can check out what it looked like here.

Periscope wins!

Periscope was particularly interesting from a brand perspective as it utilised the as yet (publicly) unreleased Periscope Producer platform, which allows a broadcaster to push a live feed from any source. Over the 10 day period the streams garnered hundreds of thousands of views. What’s more, Periscope social streaming accounted for the greater proportion of viewers of the duration of the campaign, clocking up well over a quarter of a million.

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