Social, Live Streaming For KFC

The tail end of 2016 saw the ST crew working on one of the project highlights of the year. We were brought in by BBH to capture and deliver the action as KFC brought together ‘Gamers’ and ‘Grimers’ for some old-school gaming. Old school in the sense that the experience (and fried chicken) was shared – via split screen multi-play – rather than more solo, insular gameplay that is increasingly common today.

The trigger for the event had been a social listening project conducted by BBH for the brand which found a 500% rise in social conversations over the last three years surrounding the disappointment over the decline of split-screen gaming. It also revealed an organic conversation amongst the gaming community about KFC itself, offering the brand an opportunity to position itself as a facilitator in uniting these gamers.

Streaming Tank arrived at Dalston Heights on Saturday 26th to rig and rehearse for the next day. To fit the budget and the space, we deployed a 5 camera rig with polecam and peds to create a fast and dynamic shoot of the action. On the Sunday the best talent in gaming – Ali A, Clare Siobhan, MiniMinter and JMX – arrived alongside top grime stars such as Big Narstie, P Money, and Novelist.

We boosted the available online internet with LiveU units, feeding an HD signal back to our MCR for encoding and onward delivery to Facebook Live and Twitch. To increase online buzz and engagement, Streaming Tank also set up a live ingest line, editing key moments to send out across social platforms within 5 minutes of them occurring. The 15-second clips were used to invite viewers to KFC’s Facebook page and enticed thousands to watch live. Traction continued well after the event, and the content has now been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times.

The impact of the stream across all web destinations was a huge success too.  87% of KFC’s target audience saw the campaign within 5, with the live stream reaching 2.7 million people. KFC have since confirmed that it was the highest level of organic reach ever for a KFC video. You can see The Drum article here

Hamish Pinnell, creative director at BBH, said: “It’s reassuring to see that even when doing a live stream event, it’s still high-level production values, preparation and craft that make it a success. Keep an eye out for the next one.”
  • Project Highlights
  • Broadcast quality 5 camera shoot
  • HD streaming to multiple platforms
  • Live clips distributed within 5 minutes
  • Highest level of organic reach of any KFC campaign


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