Worldwide advertising agency, Network BBDO brought us in to help with an AT&T Project geared towards engaging Facebook users and social media users to send a truly unique message to their valentine. The idea was to have ‘Mountain-men’ shout messages from one social media user to another from the very top of a California mountain range. The campaign marked the launch of the HTC Inspire ™ 4G mobile handset.


Streaming tank were required to design and build a Facebook application as well as a, mobile accessible microsite which was moderated throughout the event.Other than the site development itself, Streaming Tank provided end-to-end solutions including encoding, satellite, atomic synchronisation, production and off-site transcoding. The live location was Mount Baldi in California.


The campaign gained huge attention due to the implementation of a ground breaking live event . Over 120,000 people visited the site during the one-day event. In all, 20,000 submissions were made and AT+T received a ten percent increase in Facebook likes. To top it all off, there were even 11 marriage proposals made from the mountaintop!

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