Private live streaming solutions for stakeholders

Private live streaming services for stakeholders

Peterborough United Football Club have had their ups and downs. Currently ‘The Posh’ are at the top of their game in League 1, but previous years have found them riding high in the Championship and also wallowing in League 2. Through it all though, there has been a constant – the Chairman and Owner of Peterborough United, Darragh MacAnthony. An Irish man for whom football is not just a passion but a way of life, Darragh’s ownership of the football club has brought varied challenges. We aren’t able to help him with most, but there is one area in which Streaming Tank can score…  delivering private live streaming services (known as an ‘Owner Stream’) of Peterborough FC games direct to Darragh.

Living in Orlando, it’s imperative that the Owner-Chairman can view all matches. As such, for the last 5 years the Streaming Tank Outside Broadcasting team has been streaming every home and away game to his base in Florida. Just recently the League has started offering their own VIP streaming, but Peterborough still choose to use our services, deeming them a more premium experience allowing Darragh to watch a private 1:1 dedicated stream straight to his 65” TV in his home or office.

Flexible broadcast and delivery options

Owner Stream solutions must be agile and flexible. It can’t be guaranteed that your viewer will always be in the same place at the same time. As such, we utilise our own player which can be viewed on a wide variety of devices and can host on demand footage should Darragh be on the move during the live action. Likewise, servicing the away games means we can’t rely on an ideal tech set up or any onsite connectivity support. As our trucks stream via LiveU across 4G and Ka-Satellite connectivity using multiple paths, we can be confident in guaranteeing successful broadcasts from even in the most remote stadiums.

Our OB teams are usually required to turn up and rig at football grounds within very limited timeframes. This means our vehicles need a wide range of premium kit. The crew will usually lay down military grade fibre runs or install an RF camera system on the gantry so that they have reliable signal transmission paths quickly available.

For Owner Streams, Streaming Tank typically provide:

  • Outside Broadcast truck
  • JVC GY-HM850 HD Camera
  • Cobham H.264 RF Camera System
  • LiveU 500 / 700
  • LiveU Roof Mounted Xtender
  • Ka-Satellite Connectivity

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