Live Streaming Grow 2014 Event for Channel 4

In July 2014 Streaming Tank were brought in to live stream Channel 4’s ‘Grow’ event.

For the event itself Streaming Tank provided everything from on-site production to the end player development allowing Channel 4 to engage with businesses interested in TV advertising live and on-demand.

On the project itself Channel 4 said “When we were set up as a commercially funded public service broadcaster in 1982, we had a remit to promote minority voices and support the development of the creative industries across the UK. Our remit still exists today – as a viewer you can see it in the programmes we broadcast and the innovative technology we have introduced.”

‘But in a time of economic instability, supporting industry and securing UK business growth is as vital as ever.”

Viewers registered to watch the event live and on-demand via the Channel 4 Grow site and shared their thoughts on the live event on Twitter using #Grow2014.

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