interactive streaming of ‘Dreamcatcher’ for ‘B’

How’s this for interactive streaming?

Do you remember those arcade games that allowed you to control and drop a crane in order to win prizes? Back in the day, those prizes were teddy bears, toy cars, or maybe a fiver if you were lucky. For ‘B’ a new digital banking system (from Clydesdale Bank), a ‘Dreamcatcher’ was built to allow people to play (in person, and online via Twitter) to try and grab dream prizes. And the prizes available to be grabbed by this giant money saving claw were BIG, including an all expenses paid holiday and a brand new car.

We were brought in by the PR agency behind the event, Kaper, and worked alongside experiential experts Sketch Events. The ‘Dreamcatcher’ was situated for a full day along the South Bank and passing members of the public could interact and attempt to snatch the prizes. Streaming Tanks role was to make this game truly digital. We rigged a Go Pro within the structure to capture the movement of the claw and streamed this live into Periscope. The Periscope feed was broadcast out through @HelloB’s Twitter account and the public were encouraged to have a go themselves using instructions attached to the event hashtag #‎bdreamcatcher‬.

Check out YouandB’s video of the event on their Facebook page now.

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