Levi’s Commuter Event Live Stream On Facebook

The Brief

Levi’s Jeans ran a competition at Selfridge’s department store on Oxford Street in London to promote their new ‘Commuter’ clothing range.

The new ‘Commuter’ range of clothes were designed with cyclists in mind, and came with some added features, particularly in the trousers, to allow travel on bikes to be a lot safer than normal jeans while still retaining the associated comfort

In order promote the range, Levis wanted run an interactive campaign with a strong social presence, so they bought in Streaming Tank to utilize their award winning capabilities in live streaming and expertise in engaging social media.

What we did

Streaming Tank helped Levis run their “Sprint King of London” from their section in Selfridges London and Levi’s store on Regent Street.

Streaming tank provided production for the event as well as Facebook integration and web development. Participants took turns to race 500m on fixed bikes as they were recorded by a fixed camera.Their times where recorded and posted onto their Facebook walls alongside the on-demand clips of their attempt.

The winner was taken to Levi’s Paris Flagship Store to be kitted out in a head-to-toe Commuter outfit.


After the event, Levis cited it as one of their most successful launches ever, with over 500 people taking part in the competition and a huge response on social media.

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