Faith 'On Tour'

Given what we are called (Streaming Tank), some people might think we only take on Live Streaming projects. In our basic form, live streaming is our speciality, but for the vast majority of our projects we go much further. Take Paris Fashion Week as our most recent example. Last week, for the second time, we teamed up with global luxury fashion online platform, Farfetch, to deliver a full end-to-end production and live social streaming service. This encompassed connectivity services, video capture and post-event edit responsibility as well as the stream itself.


Here at Streaming Tank, we don’t don’t just turn up and shoot. During the pre-production process for Faith On Tour, we sent over one of our dedicated and experienced fashion producers to Farfetch to really get to grips with what the show was about and what the client and brand both wanted to achieve.

Once we had a clear idea how the show was going to run, we were able to offer creative plans and documentation about how we thought the show should be shot. We like to make sure we give an extensive reason as to why we want to use certain technology, certain cameras and explain why different lenses will really add to the creativity of your show.

For Farfetch presents Faith Connexion, we wanted to record in a high frame rate so we could offer slow-motion for our edit. Our production team found a solution and camera that enables you to send a broadcast feed over 50fps whilst filming in 200fps – perfect for what we needed.

But as well as slow-motion, we also needed some serious motion! Working closely with the staging company, we negotiated a place for a Jimmy-Jib and dolly tracking. It’s these types of shots that really add to your show – whether it’s live or on-demand – and you can feel reassured that our producer(s) will handle this for you.


As the show day approached, Streaming Tank made sure everything was set. The kit and crew arrived in Paris the night before so we were able to be onsite first thing to start setting up – doing so quickly and quietly around other onsite teams. The 5 camera set up took around 5-6 hours to rig, inclusive of technical testing and rehearsing. Everyone was pre-briefed on their roles and the entire event was executed fluidly

We knew we had to get the broadcast across 9 different sites, including to Facebook Live, and with the venue not offering any network connectivity, it could have been a real problem. For Streaming Tank, it was an opportunity to showcase our data bonding 4G connectivity solution. We transmitted an HD feed to our MCR in London, where an engineer waited patiently, before distributing the broadcast accordingly, in different formats to different web destinations. It is a simple solution for Streaming Tank when your venue doesn’t offer the connectivity we need for a premium quality web stream, and it also enabled us to offer local WIFI for our client which helped them remain in contact with their teams back in London.

Post Show

It’s always an exciting feeling to know you have completed a successful event. For us however, the event isn’t over. As soon as the show finished our producer and editor gathered the footage before embarking on a quick turn-around edit before the crew even started de-rigging. After that, further edits were required for the client’s more comprehensive PR pack due to be distributed. This required working through the night, and it was well worth it as one our edits eventually made it’s way to the Vogue website itself!

Check out our behind-the-scenes video below.

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