EMI Blur Live Stream on Twitter

To introduce the release of two new singles from Blur, Streaming Tank were asked by EMI to stream the live debut on Twitter. The live stream and the following Q+A would act as the platform for audience engagement before the release of the new singles ‘Under The Westway’ and ‘The Puritan’, the live stream would also be released ahead of the band’s performance at the close of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Using the Streaming Tank player and real time communication technology ‘Mission Control’, Streaming Tank were able to administer all aspects of the viewer experience before, during and after the live performance.

Once the Streaming Tank player was embedded onto the band’s Twitter page a countdown for the live event started, conversation began on social media and the content rapidly gained retweets and interaction from music fans around the world. Another element using a countdown to focus on viewer engagement, content was rolled over to feature multiple promotion videos about the band’s new album release and tour, as well as behind the scenes content which kept the social interactive conversation running throughout the countdown to the live performance.

After the bands second track had finished, the first performance had been mastered, the video edited and placed on iTunes worldwide.

Streaming Tank then rolled out ‘Mission Control’ to a clickable graphic. When the user clicked, then it worked out their geographical location and sent them to the correct iTunes page for their country. The campaign resulted in Blur achieving number one status in the iTunes Download Chart in 22 minutes.

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