Wardens’ Quest

EA Games – Wardens’ Quest


Dragon Age: Origins – Wardens’ Quest was a 24-hour gaming event that saw 10 teams of gamers from around the world compete for a grand prize of $50,000. Streaming Tank was brought in to facilitate the video production and live streaming of the event, held at County Hall in London.


Working alongside Attention Seekers, the specialists in conjuring up entertaining and engaging events, Streaming Tank were brought in to manage and coordinate the live video streaming and multi-camera production of the 24-hour competition.

Using the venues own internet connection, Streaming Tank used multiple hardware encoders to broadcast continuous live content of the gamers in action as they competed for the cash prize.

The live content was produced by static cameras rigged around the chamber, with roaming cameras capturing the action within the pit. Edits of eliminations and interviews with the participants were also produced for online viewers.

Streaming Tank created a website for the live content, with on-demand edits being added as the event unfolded. The site also incorporated a Facebook comments page which enabled viewers to discuss the game and competition during the live broadcast.


The event successfully demonstrated the scale and amount of terrain within the game to cover, with contestants only managing to complete a small percentage of the game within a continuous 24 hour period.

Thousands of gamers and Dragon Age: Origins’ fans watched the live event, with over 10,000 comments being posted over the 24-hour event.

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