Be The One

2007 Show


For two years running, EA Games held a three-day gaming event in Trafalgar Square, as part of the London Games Festival. The event, an exercise in entertainment and consumer participation, was created by Attention Seekers and intended to showcase EA Games franchises to a mass market.

Streaming Tank was brought in to help produce live and on-demand video content of the event, and stream the three-day promotional event to a worldwide audience.

A vast gaming arena was erected in Trafalgar Square for the event. Bands performed on the main stage whilst the general public participated in live gaming challenges.

EA Games – Be The One :

The live content consisted of live footage from the main stage where band performances and gaming challenges were held, interspersed with ‘filler’ content created by Streaming Tank of the crowds enjoying the event. RF link camera packs were used to enable two camera crews to roam around the event interviewing members of the general public experiencing the event. The live footage was beamed back to our central hub where it was mixed into a 12-hour constant feed and streamed live and online.

A WiMax internet connection was used to broadcast the event live. Highlight edits of each day were then produced over night and available online the following morning.

The event successfully generated pre-Christmas press coverage and exposure from both a physical audience at the event and the online audience watching the live broadcast from around the world.

EA Games were able to promote and demonstrate their Christmas game releases to a global audience, whilst camped out in the heart of London.

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