Chicken Fries – Random Gloria Tour

Project Overview

At Burger King, a hen named Gloria topped the pecking order when it came to deciding which restaurant would serve Chicken Fries.

In an unusual marketing stunt designed to get tongues clucking, the fast-food chain worked with Streaming Tank, Bandito Brothers and David to send the bird on a national tour of select BK locations.

At each of her stops, Gloria was presented with bowls of feed marked “Yes” and “No.” If she chose to dine from the bowl marked “Yes,” Chicken Fries were served at that restaurant, but only for one day.

#RandomGloria and #ChickenFries were the campaign hashtags, and a website was created with a daily live stream of Gloria’s travels. Of course, it was all chronicled on YouTube for those who couldn’t catch it live.

Gloria’s first stop was in Bayonne, N.J., where she was greeted by chants of “Chicken Fries! Chicken Fries!” as she ascended her platform and thrust her beak into the “No” bowl.

Gloria the Chicken travelled over 1,700 miles with live appearances in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Atlanta, GA., Orlando and Miami, Fl.

Technical Solution

Streaming Tank’s responsibility was to deliver the live production and streaming on Gloria’s week long tour across the US. This required onsite satellite and mobile connectivity provision, as well as the production crews at each store. We live streamed each of the 6 events onto YouTube Live back at our MCR in London.

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