Ballantine’s Live Tattoo Stream

Ballantine’s Live Tattoo Stream

Streaming Tank was asked by Agency – Work Club, to handle the production and live streaming for a series of live streams in conjunction with the Plan B campaign with a Ballantine’s Live Tattoo Stream

The concept was based around viewers watching an inspiring artist as the artist sees the world. For the first campaign they choose Karl, a Tattoo artist based in Paris, France.

The viewer could see the artist at work while having the ability to leave messages and talk to Karl.

Streaming Tank deployed an RF camera on the artist’s head, directed so the user could see what Karl could see. The RF was linked from the transmitter to a receiver and into a vision mixer.

A secondary camera and operator was deployed behind the artist to gather close up shots and interesting shots which were sent to the vision mixer.

High quality audio was sent via the broadcast quality head cam, back to a separate vision mixer.

The audio and video feed was then embedded and sent to the hardware encoders.

Hardware encoding was into flash and sent via the internet connection through the CDN and onto the player.

The player sat on the Ballantine’s Facebook page which had been developed to receive Facebook messages as an overlay on top of the player itself.

The player also contained voting, so Karl could ask the audience questions such as which colour to use.

Streaming Tank also had online editors for quick editing after the event for on-going promotions.

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