Straming Tank

McLaren F1 Launch 2012 Live Stream

Streaming Tank looked after the video production at McLaren's UK test centre in Woking


The live stream will be seen on multiple sites including McLaren’s website and Facebook page as well as Vodafone’s Facebook site in Albania and the Vodafone official website in Hungary.

Streaming Tank where commissioned by leading agency, Work Club.

Streaming Tank will be looking after the video production at McLaren’s UK test centre in Woking. HD feeds will be sent via satellite to a downlink centre in Milton Keynes, and then on to the BT Tower in central London. This feed will then be sent to Streaming Tank encoders at BBC Television Centre.

Streaming Tank will hardware encode all streams for both Flash and mobile devices (in multiple qualities with each quality served by both primary and backup hardware encoders).

These streams will then be distributed by the Streaming Tank utilised content delivery network of over 87,000 servers in 72 countries into all participating websites and platforms.

The live broadcast will start at 11PM GMT through to approximately 12.30GMT.

After the live stream, Streaming Tank will also broadcast all Video News Released in HD through the satellite network for broadcasters.