Straming Tank

London Fashion Week Live Stream For Topshop

Last year Topshop brought in Streaming Tank once again to live stream their fashion show at London Fashion Week and it was a massive success as a record breaking 2 million people tuned in from more than 100 countries. This year Topshop is collaborating with Google+ to once more push the boundaries at London fashion Week and create an ever more interactive and intimate viewer experience, and of course Streaming Tank will be there to stream all of it to you! The future of the fashion show will come alive as fans can follow the stories of their favourite models on Google+ whilst using Google Hangouts to interact with the Topshop design team and influential bloggers. During the show itself Streaming Tank will be streaming live from the models handbags so for the first time viewers will be able to switch from the main stream to see the model’s view from the catwalk. Streaming Tank have specially designed a player within a player to enable viewers to do this Throughout the show viewers will be able to use our “shoot the show” feature to take stills of the stream and share them across social media and they will even be able to buy the clothes the models are wearing during the show using the customise the catwalk feature we have designed. Live streaming is creating ever more interactive and innovative viewing experiences and as ever Streaming Tank is at the forefront.