Straming Tank

Live Video Streaming a Secret Example Gig with Kiss FM on Twitter


In June 2014 Streaming Tank were brought in by Kiss FM to live stream a secret gig for Example on Twitter. The event marked the release of Example’s new album ‘Live Life Living’ and thousands watched live online, sharing their excitement at being able to watch the event live streamed through social media.

The live stream was shared by thousands online including Example himself through his own Twitter account as he celebrated his birthday and launch of his new tracks live on Twitter.

The event demonstrated the power that live streaming into a Tweet can have, generating a hugely positive response from social media users enjoying the gig live at home with the event viewable on all devices to viewers all over the world.

Streaming Tank’s own player ‘Mission’ gives us the ability to host a wide selection of dynamic content within the player including countdown’s, videos, clickable links, social feeds along with a wide range of other interactive features. With live streaming into Twitter we will often host a countdown within the player so that social media users have shareable content as early as possible to gain the live stream the most traction possible.

Live video streaming a secret Example gig with Kiss FM on Twitter is just the latest in a long line of projects we’ve been working on in the worlds of social media and music over the past 10 years. To read more about the record breaking live streaming into social media we’ve done with clients such as BT, Rimmel, Virgin, Emi and NME take a look at our work in social streaming and music and entertainment.