Straming Tank

Live Stream Test With LiveU And Garland Partners

Streaming Tank is teaming up with LiveU and Garland Partners to test an end to end live stream whilst moving around London’s West End. This is a true test to discover the feasibility of live broadcasting while on the move. Streaming Tank will be filming on a single HD SDI camera connected to the LiveU backpack. Using advanced 3G technology, the LiveU unit will then relay the HD signal back to Streaming Tank HQ. From there, the HD signal will be encoded using Streaming Tank’s hardware encoders where it will be encoded into multiple Flash qualities. The encoded feeds will then be distributed via the world’s largest CDN (over 87,000 servers in 72 countries) into Streaming Tank’s own player, where you will be able to view our progress, live and online on this page –

If you have any questions about this technology or would like any more information please don’t hesitate to call or email James Wilkinson on 0203 327 1732 and