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Nike – ‘Winner Stays’- video production and highlights

Nike ‘Winner Stays’

The 2015 ‘Winner Stays’ event in Amsterdam was the highlight of the year for the Streaming Tank production team. And June 2016 found them driving in convoy to Paris for more of the same.

video production for Nike

‘Winner Stays’ is an extension of Nike’s awe-inspiring TV ad and global 2014 World Cup campaign #RiskEverything. It is aimed at getting closer to their ‘Football Obsessed Teens’ audience and retaining Nike’s No.1 spot in football through daring, large scale activations across the four boroughs of London. To sum up, ‘Winner Stays’ is a street football competition in which the best crews across Europe battle for glory. And there’s a little but of hip hop, breakdancing and grime thrown in!


Onsite services

For the Paris event, the crew were charged with delivering a dynamic 5 camera shoot to capture the mind-blowing skills and tricks of the street football teams. Two live ingest lines pulled the content  so we could turn around speedy highlight clips (with on-brand stings and graphics) for publishing to social media and the event website. Check out the spectacular content on the Winner Stays hub.

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