Who is it for?

The Streaming Tank closed loop MCR EcoSystem has been design specifically for both:

  1. Professional production units
  2. Fixed event venue locations that require live streaming with:

A. The support of a full Master Control Room for professional encoding and control Delivery to web, mobile and tablet devices

B. Delivery to web, mobile and tablet devices.

C. The flexibility to deliver the stream through any content managment system including Youtube, or to use Streaming Tank’s own CDN or over 120,000 servers (the world’s largest content delivery network).

How does it work?

The Audio and Video feed is sent from your video production output to a specialist TSTU, (Transport Stream Tunnelling Unit) which uses public interest to tunnel a direct HD feed to the Streaming Tank master Control Room (MCR) in London.

This feed is received ‘as sent’ at the MCR where our engineers monitor the incoming feed and ensure the very best quality is sent to both primary and backup hardware encoders.

These encode into multiple qualities up to HD and for the multiple end user platforms (web, mobile, tablet)

If you’re using Streaming Tank’s platform (‘Mission Control’) and CDN, our MCR team can also handle any content mixing required. Our video player’s unique real time control mechanism means we can dictate what a viewer sees at any time- dynamic countdowns, logo slates,live streams, or pre-prepared video content.

All content will be delivered at superior quality to the end user on every major platform.

Simply let us know when your event is, press the ON button and we will do the rest.

Portable or Stationary

Streaming Tank will deliver one of the two types of units, either a portable TSTU unit for  production teams in the field or a rack mounted unit to sit inside a production unit, Simply book in the live time with the Streaming Tank MCR, plug in either HD SDI OR HDMI into the unit and internet ad press on. Streaming tank will handle the rest to deliver  your full HD feeds to the web.

Talk to us now about the best way to get your message, event, content or stunt out to your target demographic.