We caught up with Producer, Steve, upon his arrival back from Paris with Phil, Adam and the rest of the crew…

So, what’s it really like live streaming fashion shows?

I love the start of the year because it often concentrates around fashion. My friends and family will jump in here and say I clearly have not taken any inspiration. Sadly, I don’t often have time and they have no clue what they’re talking about anyway!

We’d already been across to Paris this year for the Nike ‘Winner Stays’ Final. But, having delivered content for London and New York Fashion Weeks, I was stupidly excited to head back over the Channel to do my first fashion show there. Our client was luxury fashion platform, FarFetch, and the fashion brand was Faith Connection. They are a Parisian brand of whom the mighty Vogue say, “nobody nails the grungy, I-woke-up-like-this lifestyle better”.

Steve, hard at work trying to pick up some fashion tips.

This was the first time Faith Connexion had including live streaming in a runway show, which makes the event even more exciting from our perspective. And our pre-existing relationship with FarFetch meant we were brought in at the very beginning. If we are live streaming fashion shows, early involvement means we are able to showcase our full range of end-to-end production and broadcasting services. Very often our name pigeon holes us as pure ‘live streaming’ suppliers, but there are many more strings to our bow! Have a look at our case study here to check out what we provided.

We all love an away day and there isn’t much a better place to have one than Paris. The team didn’t let the backdrop distract them and proved why, we believe, our guys are the best in the business. Everything was done with a smile and nothing was too much to handle through the long three days and nights we were there. 

Faith On Tour – The Making Of…

It’s another reason why you should always consider us because it’s not often what we do, it’s how we do it!

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