We have been busy developing Mission, Streaming Tank’s Live Online Video platform and virtualized Master Control Room, by adding new content ingestion, transcoding and automated distribution to the already rich live streaming platform.

The new features have been built from the ground up to replace our existing Master Control Room with a cloud alternative with the ability to ingest live video sources including anything from traditional RTMP encoders to LiveU TSTU units, DVB satellite feeds, or on-demand content.

The new virtual MCR platform allows your producer to seamlessly transition between primary and backup live sources to holding slates and VT sources, adjust levels and distribute the produced feed to multiple destinations whether it be Streaming Tank’s very own HTML5 mission player, a third party OVP such as Kaltura or social media platforms like Facebook, Periscope or YouTube; these are all seamlessly managed and monitored from the virtual MCR.

Critical to it all is the preparation and transcoding of the of the live video content for distribution, whether it be the 720p30 RTMP feed needed for Facebook, the 540p RTMP for Periscope or the multiple variants of Dash and HLS needed for Streaming Tank’s own video player, the quality of the transcoded content is critical when producing professional content.

At Streaming Tank we aren't shy of a little legwork and knowing quality and reliability are essential for live events we set about evaluating the usual array of suspects including the obligatory FFMPEG. 

While all produced good results with simple low-resolution content when it came to handling more complex high motion HD content none matched the quality of Elemental Technologies live transcoding, so the choice was clear.

The new features have already been a resounding success helping to deliver a range of events from the streaming of Mountbatten Festival of Music to 25 Facebook Pages and YouTube to the streaming of Harlequins Ladies Rugby Union matches to Facebook and Sky Sports.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Streaming Tank announcements including the launch of our new player featuring VP9 and HEVC, our DVB ingestion services as well as the upcoming launch of our multi CDN product featuring delivery to China and APAC.