Live Stream interviews on your website or social media channel with the experts in live, interactive and engaging video content. From celebrity interviews to expert industry insight, live streaming content online gives you the opportunity to connect your audience with your interviewee in real time.

Reach your Target Audience

  • Live Stream your interviews and video content into Twitter and Facebook allowing you to reach your intended audience with ease.
  • Full end-to-end solution. We’re able to pull in all required elements from creative ideas, on-site production to digital delivery to your website of social media channels.
  • The best in live technology to achieve your digital objectives from audience interaction, geo targeted content, banner ad’s, clickable links.
  • Presenter technology- Provide your presenter with an iPad with monitored Tweet’s pulled through within seconds of them being sent.

Mission 2.0

  • Mission Control (Streaming Tank’s Twitter-approved video solution) can be very simply placed on any website or social media account.
  • Streaming Tank can place any content into Mission Control at any time. With live content this is often countdown’s to the live content. holding slides, clickable links along with any other videos you may have.
  • The most secure and reliable solution available with the use of the world’s largest CDN with 120,000 servers worldwide.
  • Use of this technology has helped us achieve numerous world records, achieved multiple number ones no-time and most importantly the generation of positive engagement from our clients target demographic online.

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