Investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown was due to speak to attendees of the 2016 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific in person on 21st November. This turned out to be impossible because, in her words,

“Our trip became apparent to Malaysian authorities and they issued yet another extradition request for my arrest,” Rewcastle Brown said. “Given the close extradition agreements that are in place in Singapore, it seemed to be a bad idea to come.”

Why the warrant? Rewcastle Brown has spent the best part of five years investigating and exposing the 1MDB scandal – agreed to be the largest global financial scandal of recent times. We won’t try and explain here, but suffice to say the content of this stream was particularly explosive. To investigate more yourself, check out recent coverage in The Guardian or the journalist’s own dedicated site,

Streaming Tank were delighted to receive the last minute request to enable Rewcastle Brown to deliver her session live to the delegates. At midnight in the UK we rigged up a camera and microphone in our office, then encoded and streamed in HD to a secure You Tube player that was displayed on screens in the conference room she was due to appear in.

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