Streaming Tank are the most experienced video streaming agency when it comes to live music. We have helped launch multiple number one singles through the power of live streaming and won almost every award in our market sector for our work on campaigns in the world of music, fashion, sport and entertainment.

Live video streaming can enhance the reach of your event no matter how big or small. We are able to put into place all elements to make your event truly digital.

Services Include

  • Flexible and creative filming solutions ranging from single to multi camera-shoots.
  • Broadcast filming and vision mixing equipment and expertise.
  • Primary and backup HD hardware encoding to ensure complete redundancy at all points of the delivery and the highest quality video experience for each user’s device.
  • Utilising the world’s largest content delivery network, permitting an unlimited global audience.
  • Advanced social integration – Enhance engagement, viewership and output by streaming direct to your Twitter feed, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Simultaneous Streaming Expertise

Stream directly through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube as well as your company and partner sites to further optimise viewership,engagement and output. Streaming Tank is the primary or preferred live streaming supplier for every major social media platform.

Offer online viewers a VIP access experience by giving them the options to pick which camera they watch: backstage bonus interviews, multiple stages, or offers from commercial partners.

Advanced Player Technology

We deliver bespoke solutions for each individual client- from standalone video players right through to interactive microsites and online experiences. Be as creative and interactive as you like pre, during and post live event with our advanced player platform “Mission Control”. Display countdowns, on-demand video clips, graphics, live behind the scenes footage, click-to-buy streams, live use of our ‘Snap and Share’ camera app, ‘Pick the Camera’, periodic information/buttons or ask us for something else. The only limit is how far your imaginations can stretch.

Talk to us now about the best way to get your message, event, content or stunt out to your target demographic.