Streaming Tank kicked off the year with back-to-back shows at London Fashion Week for Coach and J.W. Anderson. Both were dynamic shoots with at least 6 cameras, HD streaming for web, tablet and mobile, and highlight creation.

J.W. Anderson’s delivery mechanism was particularly innovative, streaming exclusively to Grindr.  The designer, well known for pushing boundaries with his designs, noted the natural alignment between the gay dating app and fashion, telling the New York Times:

“I think fashion is a sexy platform as well, ultimately we’re all humans, so we all have to be somewhat sexually attractive to someone. That’s the name of the game, with clothing.”

  • 14,700 views (live)
  • 13,000 unique viewers (live)
  • 15,000+ total views by end of first week
  • Dwell time of a third of total show (10 minutes)

And garnering huge press attention with coverage and commentary across a wide range of publications and sites such as Dazed, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.


Check out some of the great press the brands received.

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