Facebook Live 360 is here!

Technically, it’s been in existence since the tail end of 2016. But until now the technology was only available to select pages via the Live API. It’s now been rolled out for all Pages and Profiles, providing an interactive and broad reaching 360 solutions for brands and content owners.

In terms of compatible kit and devices, this has also been greatly extended. Consumer products such as Insta36, Samsung Gear 360 or Giroptic IO can now push feeds to Facebook 360 live. And for brands and broadcasters, the options range from the economical Orah through to the professional grade Nokia Ozo.

In terms of the viewer experience, it’s as expected. The user can pan and tilt to navigate around the space and shift viewpoints, and comment and interact as on other Facebook Live videos.

Do you want to deliver a broadcast quality 360 Live Stream to Facebook or other platforms? If so, we have a range of solutions for you to choose from. Get in touch now! 

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