We’re live streaming The Media & Technology Fair for CDAC Network for UN with Google & BBC. This event brings together decision makers and practitioners from many of the leading humanitarian, media development and technology agencies operating in the humanitarian space. The event is invite only but will be streamed live for people to access from across the globe.The event provides a space for exploring ideas for enhancing communications with and amongst populations affected by humanitarian crises through collaberation and the use of appropriate media and technolgies The event will provide an opportunity to learn about different telecoms and media applications that can help aid providers communicate more effectively with people in crises. The event will showcase new ways of working in this fast-developing arena, and create space to solve current challenges. There will be a hands-on opportunity to experiment with the different applications. The Fair is being organised in partnership with BBC Media Action, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Google.org, and with sponsorship from the GSM Association Development Fund (GSMA). Click here to watch the live stream -http://www.cdacnetworkevent.tv/