Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson will be the latest artist to perform in a series of events designed to bring art to the masses. The performance can be viewed on the Tate YouTube channel, with internet users encouraged to chat with other viewers from around the world, or pose questions to the artist and curator, either on the Tate Facebook  page, Google+or on Twitter using #BMWTateLive via @TateLive. Streaming Tank’s long association with the BMW Tate Live series is due to continue on Thursday 24thOctober at 8pm GMT, when they oversee the live streaming of the latest event from the Tate Performance Room.

The performance itself will involve Kjartansson transforming the performance room into a Rococo dining room, with lavishly dressed actors seated at small round tables, each one eating stake, with microphones positioned at each table to amplify the sounds of chewing and swallowing. This is to draw focus to the ‘normally neatly veiled animalistic nature of the everyday act of eating.’

The performance has been entitled variation on meat joy and draws inspiration from Carolee Schneemann’s ground breaking performance Meat Joy from 1964. It will be filmed in cinematic style with the period setting and 18th century costumes intended as a play with the modernity of an internet performance.

This upcoming performance will conclude Streaming Tank’s work with the BMW Tate series for 2013, a working relationship which has been running now for almost two years and has featured performances and live streams from artists such as Emily Roysdon, Pablo Bronstein,Liu Ding, Nicoline Van Harskamp, Meiro Koizumi and Harrell Fletcher over the course of the two seasons.