BMW Live Stream From The Tate Performance Room. Streaming Tank has again been commissioned by the Tate Modern gallery in London to broadcast their exclusive run of live monthly artistic performances exclusively online.  This month American artist Emily Roysdon has invited over 140 volunteers to participate in a new collaborative performance work.

The overall theme of her artwork on this occasion is to address gender politics, where during the performance the participants’ movements will be choreographed by Roysdon via directions mapped onto the floor of the room.  Roysden is exploring how a particular space can be reconfigured through the group action of the people within it.

This pioneering programme of live events is part of the BMW Tate live: Performance Room and is designed to reach an international audience across world time zones which will be filmed as they happen and is only available to view online as a live stream on the Tate You Tube channel.  Each performance is then be followed by an online question and answer session with the artist or curator.

Users are also encouraged to comment on the performances and the series as a whole on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +, where you can also post your questions to the performers. Previous events include performances by Choreographer and dancer Jérôme Bel in March and artist Pablo Bronstein in April.  These performances are now archived and available to view on the Tate Website.  This ground-breaking series of live performances is unlike anything the Tate has done before and it is hoped they will bring a global community of art lovers together to simultaneously view each artwork across the world. Click here to watch at 20:00 BST tonight -